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Project Portfolio

Education   Hospitality

Lecture Halls, auditoriums, athletic buildings, classrooms and research laboratories are just a few of the educational projects that K.T. Construction has completed. Whether a state university, private college, or school district, K.T. Construction’s leadership in the industry adds value to every project built. Click here to view.



K.T. Construction leads the industry in hotel construction. Nowhere on the construction landscape are the phrases “on-time” and “under budget” more important in hospitality construction. With one of the largest labor forces in the local industry, K.T. Construction has a proven track record of meeting the most demanding schedules. Click here to view.


Public Projects   Office Space

Airports, police stations, fire stations and academies, and military facilities are just a few of the public projects that K.T. Construction Services have completed. Whether federal, state or local government, K.T. Construction’s proven track record of meeting the most demanding schedules add value to every project KT builds in this sector. Click here to view.



Office space and medical/dental construction requires a polished, professional finish to ensure the space presents the right image for the tenant. Many office buildings and medical/dental facilities have very specific requirements in accordance to building standards and finishes. KT has the knowledge and experience to complete all types of finishes. Click here to view.


Retail   Sports/Leisure

Theaters, shopping centers, grocery stores, department stores, malls and restaurants to name a few, are all a part of what makes our lives and communities convenient and enjoyable. K.T. Construction takes pride in being an industry leader in the construction of these facilities and the development of our communities. Click here to view.



Automotive dealerships, fitness centers, tanning salons, casinos, stadiums and other high traffic facilities require highly detailed building plans. Every project has needs and requires the combination of talent, experience and attention to detail to ensure strong display areas as well as safe traffic flow. Click here to view.





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